8 gang office workstation cubicle with wire trunking

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8 gang office workstation cubicle with wire trunking Office furniture Malaysia AIM Slim Block System Office Workstation
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8 gang office workstation cubicle with wire trunking

An 8-gang office workstation cubicle with wire trunking typically refers to a modular office setup designed to accommodate eight individuals in separate workstations while providing a solution for managing electrical and data cables. Here's a description of such a setup:

The workstation cubicle is usually a large unit divided into eight smaller sections, each assigned to an individual worker. Each section typically includes a desk or work surface, a chair, and partition walls that separate one workstation from the others. The partition walls provide privacy and help reduce distractions.

Wire trunking is an essential feature in this setup. It consists of a system of channels or conduits built into or attached to the cubicle's structure. These channels allow the organization and routing of electrical and data cables, preventing them from becoming tangled or causing hazards in the workspace. The trunking system helps to keep cables hidden and provides a neat and professional appearance to the workstation.

It's worth noting that the specific configuration and features of an 8-gang office workstation cubicle with wire trunking can be vary. Budget and customization options chosen by the buyer. It's advisable to consult with AIM to explore available options and find a solution that suits your specific needs.

Standard size (mm) each station:
a. 1200W x 600D x 750/1200H
b. 1350W x 600D x 750/1200H
c. 1500W x 600D x 750/1200H
d. 1650W x 700D x 750/1200H
e. 1800W x 750D x 750/1200H

Colour fabric :

Colour table top :


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