Long conference table with Square metal leg for 14 pax to 16 pax

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Long conference table with Square metal leg for 14 pax to 16 pax office table Meeting Table Conference table
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A long meeting table is a piece of furniture typically used in conference rooms, boardrooms, and other professional settings to accommodate multiple people during meetings, discussions, presentations, and collaborative work sessions. It's designed to provide a flat and spacious surface where participants can sit around and engage in conversations, share ideas, and work together.

Long meeting tables come in various sizes and shapes to suit different needs and aesthetics. They can be rectangular, oval, boat-shaped, or even modular in design. Common materials used for these tables is melamine laminated board.

Key features of a long meeting table often include:

  1. Length: Long meeting tables are characterized by their extended length, allowing multiple people to sit comfortably across from each other.

  2. Seating Capacity: The table can accommodate a varying number of participants depending on its size. It usually ranges from 6 to 20 or more people.

  3. Design: Long meeting tables can have simple, sleek designs for a modern look, or they can be more ornate for a traditional appearance.

  4. Wire Management: Many modern meeting tables come equipped with wire management solutions to help organize and conceal cables and power outlets, facilitating the use of laptops, projectors, and other electronic devices.

  5. Materials and Finish: 25mm thickness melamine laminated board with 2mm thickness ABS edging

  6. Accessories: Long meeting tables may come with accessories like built-in multimedia systems, cable trays, and data ports to enhance functionality.

  7. Collaborative Features: In more advanced setups, meeting tables might include interactive touchscreen displays, integrated audio and video conferencing systems, and other technology to facilitate collaboration.

When choosing a long meeting table, it's essential to consider the size of your meeting room, the number of participants you typically host, the intended use of the table, and the overall design aesthetic of the space. A well-chosen meeting table can contribute to a productive and comfortable meeting environment.

Size (mm) as per picture : 4200W x 1200D x 750H

Colour table top :

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