4 x 3 Side Track Mobile Compactors with 4 adjustable shelves drawing

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4 x 3 Side Track Mobile Compactors with 4 adjustable shelves drawing Mobile Compactor Office Filing Cabinet
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Side track mobile compactors, also known as side-loading filing compactors. Side track compactors move from side by side.

Here are some key features and benefits of side track mobile compactors:

  1. Side Loading Mechanism: These compactors have a side-loading mechanism, which makes them ideal for narrow or confined spaces where it may be challenging for rear-loading or front-loading for files storage.

  2. High Compaction Ratio: Side track compactors are designed to effectively compact, reducing the space of offices or storage room, which can lead to cost savings.

  3. Increased Efficiency: Side track compactors are known for their efficiency in file storage.
    Safety Features: These compactors have lock and keys that safe keep for filing storage.

  4. Space-Saving: In areas with limited space, side track compactors can be more space-efficient as they don't require as much maneuvering space as rear-loading or front-loading storage.

  5. Easy Maintenance: They are often designed with easy maintenance in mind.

Size (mm) :

a. 2 bay fixed(Back) x 1 bay movable(front) - 1830W x 838D x 2160H
b. 3 bay fixed(Back) x 2 bay movable(front) - 2745W x 838D x 2160H
c. 4 bay fixed(Back) x 3 bay movable(front) - 3660W x 838D x 2160H
d. 5 bay fixed(Back) x 4 bay movable(front) - 4575W x 838D x 2160H


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